A Single Solution For Agents, Brokers, Enterprise and MLS Services

The Most Affordable Personal Assistant Agents
and Brokers Can Buy

Open House Expert allows agents and brokers the ability to personalize and automate correspondence, customize robust open house reports and emails. Insert company logos, customize questions specific to company needs and create personalized form letters as follow up to customers. Once your modifications are complete, simultaneously reach out and share your additional value to prospects, fellow agents, brokers or to senior management in your company.

Giving Enterprise a Street View

CAMSY prides itself on offering flexible, highly customizable solutions for enterprise organizations. Recognizing the criticality of branding, delivery of consistent company culture standardized reporting and seamless integration to enterprise systems, Open House Expert accomplishes this through mobile and cloud based solutions.

CASMY offers Enterprise Site License Agreements and Enterprise Customization Services that ensure your mobile or cloud based strategy is optimized from the field to corporate headquarters.

MLS Services

CASMY offers a great way to increase service levels to MLS members. As natural companion to MLS information, Open House Expert captures real time market data that agents will be able to export and shared from hundreds of thousands of open houses.