Simple, Customizable and Powerful

Designed by real estate professionals, Open House Expert incorporates the ideal blend of high value features to efficiently manage open house showings from start to sale. Property details, visitor information and personalized follow up with custom reporting is all any realtor needs.

Property Listings

View all current and historical open house properties and number of showings for each property.

Property Details

Capture complete property details and specifications, including current condition of the home, the listing agent and owner information.

Open House Listings

Schedule current and future open house showings and view all historical event details by property or date.

Open House Showing Details

By selecting a property and the open house date, you are able to view all visitor contact and demographic information, hourly visitor traffic, interest levels, comments and much more. Instantly send a consolidated property report by email to all your visitors.

Visitor Information

Quickly and easily add all visitors as they walk through the door. Gather valuable, real-time demographic and contact information, including interest levels from prospective buyers, interested agents or neighbors who attend your open house.

Export Data to Other Applications

We understand realtors use many applications including CRM tools. Open House Expert compliments existing applications with its export feature for centralized data management.

Killer Reports

Generate powerful, customized, open house summary reports to help qualify buyers and share important demographic information from open house visitors. Imagine having a “snapshot” of your entire open house event on a single page or two that can be instantly sent to prospective buyers, sellers, brokers or even senior management.